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Southeastern Rigging has moved tens of thousands of machines and objects for international, national, and local companies over the years.

Whether it's the biggest Mazak in Florida, an 80 thousand pound boiler, a $30 million dollar sculpture, or a chiller on the roof of your eight story building, Southeastern Rigging can move it with ease.

With all the necessary equipment, including forklifts up to 40,000 pounds, poly-wheeled dollies up to 120,000 pounds, and numerous other specialized tools, you can count on safety and efficiency with every job.


Here are some examples of what we have moved in the past:

- lathes

- mri/medical equipment

- overhead cranes

- plasma cutters

- press brakes

- printing equipment

- air units

- boilers

- breweries

- chillers

- compressor motors

- punch presses

- shears

- sculptures

- water jets

- wood working machines

- cnc machines

- electrical units

- embroidery machines

- generators

- hydraulic presses

- injection molders





Established in 1998, Southeastern Rigging has proudly provided machinery moving services in Orlando, Tampa, Daytona, Jacksonville, Ocala, South Florida, & beyond.

With ownership having more than 30 years of specialized moving experience, you can be assured of knowledge and expertise with every job.

Southeastern Rigging has handled hundreds of millions of dollars in machinery and sculptures and have worked with companies ranging from NASA to Sotheby's.

Our founder Dave Thomas Sr. started in the moving industry in 1964 at the age of 16 driving trucks for his family's Connecticut business and spent the next 40 years moving machinery all over the country. When he started winches, wooden ramps, and snatch blocks were the norm.

He broke off on his own in 1998 with one truck and one forklift. Hard work, world class skills, and a unique personality that involved cigars and a no nonsense attitude helped build Southeastern's large clientele base.



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